For our first collection we wanted it to act as an introduction to some of the overriding themes behind the brand. Our name is French slang for orgasm, translating literally in English as ‘the small death’. It’s a slightly ridiculous name for an underwear company but there was something in that gallic humour and turn of phrase that we liked. A sense of play and sexuality that could exploited without being too in your face (I’m looking at you Calvin). That subtler approach is a key factor within the brand. Rather than doing a white , black, or stripey pair for the sake of it we wanted to create reason for doing that colour way or design. As a result all our items incorporate gentle cues and references within their designs.

Referencing our name and also realising that there are very few ‘Masculine’ floral patterns, illustrator Susie Wright was commissioned to create a pattern of white Chrysanthemums, a flower often associated with funerals in both Asia and Europe. A pair in Lavender which reference a story Madonna told about Prince, “He reeks of lavender. It turned me on, actually” coupled with a classic ice white pair contain a quote from The Scarlet letter on virginity.

Shot in natural light by Flora Hanitijo and perfectly encapsulating the mood of the collection she incorporated subtle cues from both our patterns and references for the collection (the drapes and curtains countering Susie’s pattern as well as a lavender scented ‘Symbol’ candle) whilst shooting her boyfriend Jon over the course of one morning.

Virgin White

Black Chrys

White Chrys